Axolotl Global Intelligence

About our name: We named our company after the Axolotl, the unique Mexican aquatic salamander capable to regenerate, repair or replace toes or limbs and even parts of key organs including their brains. 

About us: The reputation and success of a business are always intertwined, and the outside world has never had a greater impact on it. Yet getting to understand our external environment is harder than ever. Business and governmental leaders feel overwhelmed in complex world. 

Too much Information +  Not enough intelligence = Risk of having to make decisions in the dark.

Like Axolotl’s cells, we provide intel and relevant data on the operating environment and clients’ stakeholders to help you adapt fast and accurately to a constantly changing environment. 

Our company is founded by Journalist Alberto Escorcia and Senior Communications Consultant Gisela Avila, putting together a wide range of experience in media and data analysis as well as media reporting. 


What we do

Strategic Analysis and Reputation Management

Data Intelligence

Trainings (Misinformation and Institutional Communication)

Design of Communication Campaigns

Digital Communication Solutions